From Spokane to Seattle, Bellingham to Tacoma, and Bremerton to Yakima, local communities depend on live music venues to drive the economy, provide jobs, generate tourism and tax revenue, forge civic pride, and inspire meaningful opportunities for human and creative connections. WANMA is an association of independent music venues across the state of Washington.

The economic impacts are staggering. Washington’s small to medium-sized venues sell more than 3.2 million tickets a year, generating $65.5 million in ticket revenues. WANMA’s survey figures show that in 2019, just 41 (about half) of Washington’s small, independent venues produced 10,157 shows, hosted 41,437 artists, and paid $13.3 Million directly to these artists. When the Coronavirus hit, this revenue instantly evaporated, and, with it, musician’s livelihoods. Artists make 75-90% of their income from live performances, one of the few reliable ways for artists to generate income in the age of streaming. From the stage, artists build audiences, connect with fans, and hone their skills.

Live performances bring people to our community and revenue to the tourism and service sectors. King County hosts 40.9 million visitors annually. Live music has consistently been among the top 10 reasons people travel to our state. According to Live Nation, 72% of Gen Z and Millennials have driven over 100 miles to attend a live music event. Studies have shown that for every dollar a venue generates in ticket sales, $12 of revenues are realized by area restaurants, hotels, and retail establishments. Our thriving nightlife gives companies like University of Washington, Amazon, and Microsoft an edge in recruiting workers to Washington.