OMG I want to help but I don’t know what to say!!!

If you’re intimidated by what to say when you call your Representative’s office, here’s a little script:

Introduce yourself

Hi, my name is _______________ and I live in [City, State]


Tell them why music venues are important to you (suggestions)

    1. How many shows you go to
    2. Favorite memory at a concert
    3. Favorite places to see shows
    4. Favorite artist(s) you’ve seen at your local venues



Remind them that these experiences could be taken from you and folks in the community if venues don’t receive relief that makes sense


Washington Nightlife Music Association

I stand with the Washington Nightlife Music Association and am calling to share their requests for Direct Cash Assistance (not loans), Rent relief that makes sense, financial assistance for their workforce, tax relief, and insurance revisions

How would you feel if your favorite venue(s) closed because if they weren’t able to survive this closure

Thank them for listening and supporting live music!